Car rental at the airport of Palma de Mallorca

Car rental at the airport of Palma de Mallorca


Car rental at the airport of Palma de Mallorca

When we arrive in a city it is necessary to have the possibility of mobilizing, especially if we are a business person. The most ideal when we make a finance trip is to have a vehicle that allows us to move within the city limits. Resolve our efforts becomes necessary and being a long trip, it makes it impossible for us to do it by car, air travel is the best option.

If we come to Mallorca for family or business trips, there is nothing better than a car rental service . An affordable and accessible service can help us mobilize easily. If you come for a visit you can count on our excellent rent-a-car service located in the city. We will know how to satisfy all your needs so that you can enjoy a peaceful and worry-free trip.

With many years of experience in the city in car service you can be safe in our hands. Our experience makes us the number 1 in the car rental sector in Mallorca. We offer a variety of services that will guarantee the unquestionable quality of a unique company.

With the latest vehicle models, we place at your disposal a large fleet of cars for you to choose from. Feel comfortable using the newest models on the market while you travel with the city. Travel with our modern cars with excellent service!

Advantages of our service

In Mallorca you can find many car rental services, but none like the one we can offer you. We offer all our customers a wide variety of advantages that have made us number 1 in the market. Daily we are requested by hundreds of clients and we are recommended to friends, relatives and acquaintances by those who have already requested our services. All this thanks to our characteristics.

1) Our team of professionals keeps the cars constantly ready, with the intention that you enjoy your stay.
2) In case of unforeseen circumstances we put at your disposal a customer service 24 hours a day to solve any incident that may arise.
3) You can request our vehicles at different points. From our branches, to nearby hotels and airports.
4) You do not have to queue to receive the vehicle that will allow you to move. In just 10 minutes you will have it at your disposal once you have requested it.
5) We are the car rental company most chosen by tourists and visitors of the city.
Several years of experience behind us that guarantee you exceptional service.

The best reservation service

To provide more peace of mind to our customers, we offer a service of economic section that has given us good results. If you come to the city and want to have everything ready in advance, simply rent the vehicle at once. When you arrive, you will have everything at your disposal to start moving without any problem. Our section service has three simple steps.
1) Select the area (Mallorca), the date and time of reception and delivery of the vehicle. Choose the model in which we want to move. Select if we want some extra service and, finally, the location where we want to receive the vehicle, airport, hotel or office.
2) Confirm the selection of all possible services you may need so that nothing is missing.
3) Select the payment method. We offer a variety of payment methods to our clients so that they feel more comfortable with our services.

Services offered to customers

What characterizes our company are the multiple variety of services we offer our clients. We seek that you enjoy the greatest comfort and safety the time you use our vehicles, so we are always up to date and constantly updated.
Receive at the airport . No waiting, queues, unexpected delays, or travel far from your place of arrival. Use our express delivery and pick-up option at the airport with our fast and personalized service.
We have a state-of-the-art service that will help you locate and move around. Garmin and Tomtom GPS will help you to arrive safely at your destination without any loss of time.
We offer Customer Service if you have any questions or if any problem arises. We work with an uninterrupted schedule from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
With our services you acquire a transparent insurance and no small print at all risk, with or without franchise, of your choice and with the number one insurer in the country.
With the acquisition of our service we will give you a map of Mallorca updated for free.
We offer total transparency in our service. Return the car with the same amount of gasoline with which you collected it. No absurd deposits or complications.

We watch for good experiences
We want you to enjoy your stay during the trip, whether it's a holiday or a business trip, that's why our service is the ideal way to go around every corner until you satisfy your wishes